Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use recycled water?
No. We don't recycle water. We use only 100% fresh HOT water all year long.

Will foam brushes scratch my car?
No. Our foam brushes won't scratch cars. We use ALL NATURAL HOG HAIR foam brushes. Always wet your car first and rinse off the brush head before using.

What if there is an issue with the car wash? Will I lose my money?
You won't ever lose your money at a CARess Car Wash. In the event that there is an issue, you can fill out a simple form found at all locations to request a full refund.

Proper Steps to a CARess Clean Car

  1. Select Tire Cleaner (low pressure) and apply to dry wheels and tires.
  2. Select Presoak (low pressure) and apply to dry car from the bottom up.
  3. Select Foam Brush and scrub entire car (note: if your car is not extremely dirty you may not need to use the foam brush)
  4. Select Soap (high pressure) and apply to entire car from the top down. Place nozzle 1" from whitewall tires and rims for the best results.
  5. Select Rinse (high pressure) and rinse off soap.
  6. Select Wax (high pressure) and apply to car, avoiding windows.
  7. Select Spot Free Rinse (low pressure) and rinse entire car from the top down. No need to towel dry the car.

Did You Know?

For added security, CARess Car Wash has 24 hour surveillance cameras along with high intensity lighting after dark!

CARess Car Wash has been family run and locally owned and operated since 1989.

Using CARess Car Wash helps our environment by using less water!

CARess Car Wash provides trouble-free service with EASY TO OPERATE wash bays!

Keep your car interior spotless with our carpet shampooers and super-suction vacuum islands!

We offer Fleet/Gift cards and accept all major credit cards.

We offer a large selection of CAR CARE PRODUCTS for your convenience!

CARess Car Wash protects your car from acid rain damage and rust damage due to rust!

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